Week of 11/13 : Refocusing and making a stealth game.

These last two weeks have been interesting and awesome. We sat down as a team and talked about what direction we actually wanted to take our game. Everyone was really receptive and ready to make a stealth game —  “this is what we signed up for”. I read through the ideas I posted last week and everyone was on board and excited to move forward. After we had this discussion, the leadership in our team had a similar chat with Bob and Roger. They suggested we focus on taking the most bare bones version of our game that could still be fun and then build on that. We decided that for our next playable we would try to have the NPC “alert/panic” states fully functional, so our game will actually play like a stealth game. The scenario will be very basic: Eat an NPC without sending any of the other NPCs into panic mode. Matt Lawton also agreed to take on programming the new eating mechanic which should be in by Tuesday.

As far as design goes, I met with Kevin on Sunday 11/8 and we built a mock up for what would become the level for our next playable. I also met with Matt Lawton to have a look at what he had built for the eating mechanic. I was kind of surprised with how much fun it was, and I think the rest of the team was as well.

After the mock up was made, I took all of the “props” that our artist have made and turned them into prefabs so building levels later on should literally be as simple as click and drag.



(click to enlarge!)

I also had the programmers make some adjustments to the scale and speed of a lot of the assets in the game. The tree now moves very slowly like I had originally envisioned and the NPCs have been slowed quite significantly as well. This makes the game feel closer to the single screen feel that Roger imagined when we first pitched our game.

This weekend I didn’t have as much to do. I had to make some adjustments on the prefabs after Matt Lawton changed their pivot points in order to ensure that when the tree or NPCs pass behind an object on screen… they actually go behind it. Other than that, I also created some art assets for the NPCs. I created a ? and an ! to indicate NPC states. Calvin is going to try and get the yellow ? to fill with red in lieu of a separate gauge to indicate their awareness. If he’s able to figure this our I think our UI will be much cleaner. I will also make other indicators that we could flash above NPC’s heads to give direction, such as “EAT” followed by “LT and RT”.

I’ve also been doing a bit of reading to try and find inspiration/guidance on 2D stealth games. I found these two articles:



Calvin also sent me this video, which has a lot of good info:

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